The Publicus Community Featured As Expert Source In Vertical Response Article.

Publicus Community Featured As Expert Source, In Story On “Top Word Crimes.”

Peter Dawyot, Managing Director of The Publicus Community is featured in an article on Vertical Response regarding “Top Word Crimes” and other mistakes made by marketers and companies alike, when trying to reach their audience. The article looks at how overused words like “epic”  and alternate spellings of words, like “peek” and “peak”, can plague an email advertising campaign.

“We had a fun time coming up with some of our top word crimes around the office,” said Dawyot. “There were so many to choose from. Oftentimes with email campaigns,  you have a very short window of  time to produce a concept that carries both an effective message and is very current to the moment. We pride ourselves at creating campaigns that do this and avoid these common mistakes that are addressed in the Vertical Response article.”

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The Publicus Community Brings Press & Patrons to Raleigh’s First Largescale Halloween Fest

The Publicus Community partnered with Live Gumption, Legacy Event Planners and the Raleigh Jaycees to host Raleigh’s first ever Halloween Festival- The Living Dead Fest.

In the weeks leading up to the event, The Publicus Community secured 6 television interviews and 11 print and online articles covering the Living Dead Festival.

“The team at the Jaycees, Live Gumption and Legacy Event Planners had a fantastic story to tell and we we’re thrilled to be a part of this event! Through out efforts we we’re able to help get over 2,500 visitors to the festival and generate thousands of dollars for the Jaycees,” said Peter Dawyot, Managing Director at The Publicus Community.

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