Publicus Community Wins ADDY For Currents Magazine

For the second time in as many years, The Publicus Community, a full-service advertising and public relations firm was recognized by the American Advertising Federation’s ADDY Awards. This time for their creative campaign for Currents Magazine.

Currents is a quarterly digital and print magazine centered around Deep Water Cay, an ultra-private resort in the Bahamas. The magazine features intriguing articles and profiles of those associated with the area, the resort and island’s residential opportunities.

“The ADDY’s are the gold standard of the advertising industry and to have this project recognized by our peers is a welcomed accomplishment,” said Peter Dawyot, Managing Director of The Publicus Community.

In 2014, The Publicus Community was recognized with an ADDY for Summit Magazine, a 64-page lifestyle magazine for a resort in Idaho.  “This year’s ADDY is a testament to the stellar work that our team continues to produce,” said Dawyot. “I am very proud of all of our designers, copywriters, digital strategists and account managers and so thankful for our wonderful clients who afford us the chance to be so creative.”

The members of Publicus Community who helped make Currents possible included: Melissa Hanaka – Account Strategist, Connie Oh – Creative Director, Mark Johnson – Featured Writer, Steve Olshansky – Featured Writer, Larry Anthony – Digital Strategist, Emily Forsberg – Digital Creative Design,  Maari Casey – Photo Shoot Director, and Kris Schmitz – Photographer.

The Publicus Community is a full-service advertising and public relations agency in Raleigh, NC, working with clients across a wide array of industries in order to develop advertising and marketing campaigns that capture audiences and help build better brands.

Garden & Gun Feb

Deep Water Cay Featured In Garden & Gun

Deep Water Cay, the Bahamas’ most iconic fishing resort is part of a special feature in the February/March 2015 Edition of Garden & Gun.  The article entitled “The Hidden Caribbean”  is a look-back at Deep Water Cays formative years through the eyes of Guy De La Valdene, a close friend of Gil Drake Jr., the son of fishing legend Gil Drake.

De La Valdene spent summers during his high school years working at Deep Water Cay and recalls vivid memories of an island that hasn’t changed much since his summers in the early 1960’s.

The Publicus Community serves as the Advertising Agency of Record for Deep Water Cay.

Click Here to Read The Article.



Raising the Dead: Tombstone Inspires Design

A conch shell is one of the first things many people associate with the Bahamas. In fact, the conch rests atop the official coat of arms of this island chain, and represents its varied marine life. But step upon Bahamian shores and you’ll quickly discover that sea shells are simply the gateway to a culture whose vivid past and present are characterized by bold colors, unique patterns and textures, as well as iconic symbols such as marlins, flamingoes, yellow elder flowers, pineapple, and much more.

Recently, The Publicus Community team was scouting photo shoot locations on and around Grand Bahama Island for an upcoming re-branding of Deep Water Cay. We visited Sweetings Cay and met with many interesting locals who were all too eager to shed light on the history of their island and what they believed represented its beauty. In our scouting, we somehow ended up in the village cemetery and happened upon a tombstone that caught our eye. Don’t ask how we came to scout a cemetery for a photo shoot of a luxury bonefishing resort—we just did. And with Halloween coming up, it seems worth mentioning.

Anyway…the tombstone. Here’s an actual shot of what we saw:

Halloween Post

We don’t have any info on who’s actually buried there. It might have been worldly explorer or it could have been just a simple conch fritter cook. Regardless, we found the pattern breathtakingly beautiful in its uniformity, simplicity, and age, and just knew it would find its way into our rebranding effort.

Our designer, Maari Casey, says: “I pulled the design for most of the backgrounds from that very cool tombstone. I wanted the work to feel like it could almost blend into the island.”

Here is her re-interpretation of the symbol on Deep Water Cay’s new website.


Maari adds: “I also used illustrations of shells and fruit because in a lot of the Bahamian design research I did, I noticed that illustrations as well as various plant life and shells were used in a reoccurring patterns on a lot of the textiles.”

pineapple Shells Parakeet


The point we’re getting at, is that at The Publicus Community, we always aim to dig deeper and bring forward the authenticity of a brand through design. And that’s something you won’t find on any stock site.

Notice the backgrounds and textures used on Deep Water Cay’s new brochure and community map. Check them out here:

Happy Halloween from The Publicus Community!

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