Publicus Community Among TBJ’s Top Internet Marketing & Design Firms

For the third year in a row, The Publicus Community has been recognized by the Triangle Business Journal as one of the regions top Internet Marketing & Design Firms. The award recognizes excellence in business practices for Internet Marketing Firms in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill and the surrounding areas that make up the second largest metropolitan area in North Carolina.

“To continue to be recognized by the Triangle Business Journal is truly an honor,” said Peter Dawyot, Managing Director of The Publicus Community. “We love the area and are proud to be mentioned as one of the best agencies in the area.”

The Publicus Community is a full service advertising, public relations and web design firm specializing in marketing programs for affluent consumers across the US, Mexico and the Caribbean.


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Publicus Community Featured in Entrepreneur Magazine

Peter Dawyot, The Founder of The Publicus Community was recently featured as a source in an article for Entrepreneur Magazine. The article, “Running a Business While Dealing With a Personal Loss” reflects on leaders who successfully manage a company while dealing with a loss of a loved one.

In the case of Peter Dawyot and The Publicus Community, this loss occurred during a business trip. “I had been pitching a client in Idaho and was returning home when I found out that my mother had passed away,” said Dawyot.

During this time, Dawyot continued to build The Publicus Community by increasing the number of employees, gaining new clients, and representing the company’s clients to the best of the company’s abilities, all the while finding ways to honor his mother.

In the time that followed, the success of The Publicus Community continued to grow. The work that was created for the client in Idaho that was secured during his mother’s death, was recognized with numerous awards, including an Addy from the American Advertising Federation, and a Gold Medal in the Sir Walter Raleigh Awards for Excellence in Communication.

Read the Entrepreneur Article Here.

The Publicus Community Featured As Expert Source In Vertical Response Article.

Publicus Community Featured As Expert Source, In Story On “Top Word Crimes.”

Peter Dawyot, Managing Director of The Publicus Community is featured in an article on Vertical Response regarding “Top Word Crimes” and other mistakes made by marketers and companies alike, when trying to reach their audience. The article looks at how overused words like “epic”  and alternate spellings of words, like “peek” and “peak”, can plague an email advertising campaign.

“We had a fun time coming up with some of our top word crimes around the office,” said Dawyot. “There were so many to choose from. Oftentimes with email campaigns,  you have a very short window of  time to produce a concept that carries both an effective message and is very current to the moment. We pride ourselves at creating campaigns that do this and avoid these common mistakes that are addressed in the Vertical Response article.”

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Publicus Community Wins ADDY for Summit Magazine

The Publicus Community, a Full Service Advertising and Public Relations firm was recognized by the American Advertising Federation’s ADDY Awards for their creative campaign for Summit Magazine.

Summit Magazine, is a 64-page luxury lifestyle magazine centered around Whitetail Club in McCall, ID. The magazine features intriguing articles about the area, the community and the famed Shore Lodge resort.

“We are absolutely thrilled to have our work recognized by our peers.” said Peter Dawyot, Managing Director of The Publicus Community. “The ADDY’s are the gold standard of the advertising industry and to have this projects recognized is a welcomed accomplishment.”

The Publicus Community is a full-service advertising and public relations agency in Raleigh, NC, working with clients across a wide array of industries in order to develop advertising and marketing campaigns that capture audiences and help build better brands.


Political Advertising: What Works for You?

This past month, The Publicus Community managed a few digital advertising campaigns for two Raleigh City Council members. Both campaigns reached their goals (impressions, CPC, CPM, etc) but campaigns like these always leave room for question. In a defined space like the one leading up to the election, when the days are numbered and the voters are searching the web for whatever they can find on candidates, what advertising works best for you?


Our initial strategy was simple: maximize impressions.  This being the case, we also wanted to manage impressions to gradually increase on days leading up to the election date. In theory, a voter is more likely to sway towards a candidate they are unsure about if they have recently seen that candidate’s name. Whether it be a digital banner, paid search ad, or yard sign, we wanted to make sure our client’s name was fresh on the mind of every voter in the booth.  In elections past, how swayed do you think your vote was based on familiarity when you were unsure of whom to choose? Although it may be difficult to admit, we believe it was likely swayed. With busy work schedules, school, and family time, we can only stay so informed.


Our second area of focus was content. Once the voter sees an ad, are they informed? Does the landing page provide an unbiased, informative opinion of the candidate? While some of these things are out of our control, we wanted to create an ad that drove the voter to the candidates landing page, eager to learn more.


So, what advertising content drives you? For some it’s a strong statement about a current event, or maybe even an opposing candidate. For others it’s a simple call to action or the candidate’s inspirational message.


We want to know what you think.

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The Publicus Community Brings Press & Patrons to Raleigh’s First Largescale Halloween Fest

The Publicus Community partnered with Live Gumption, Legacy Event Planners and the Raleigh Jaycees to host Raleigh’s first ever Halloween Festival- The Living Dead Fest.

In the weeks leading up to the event, The Publicus Community secured 6 television interviews and 11 print and online articles covering the Living Dead Festival.

“The team at the Jaycees, Live Gumption and Legacy Event Planners had a fantastic story to tell and we we’re thrilled to be a part of this event! Through out efforts we we’re able to help get over 2,500 visitors to the festival and generate thousands of dollars for the Jaycees,” said Peter Dawyot, Managing Director at The Publicus Community.

The Publicus Community is a full service advertising and public relations agency in Raleigh, NC. The Publicus Community works with clients in a wide array of industries to develop advertising and public relations campaigns that capture audiences and builds better brands.



The Publicus Community Ad Concept Runs in Inaugural Issue of Walter Magazine

The Publicus Community worked with Now Hear This, an innovative audiology practice in the Raleigh, NC to design a new ad concept that was featured in a host of regional magazines throughout the Triangle including Walter Magazine.

“Walter defines a fantastic audience for our clients,” said Peter Dawyot, Managing Director at The Publicus Community. “Readers of Walter are smart, sophisticated and among the most influential members of the Triangle. We feel like this magazine has incredible potential to reach a fantastic audience and we’re proud to introduce many of our clients to advertising opportunities with Walter.”

The Publicus Community is a full service advertising and public relations agency in Raleigh, NC.  The Publicus Community works with clients in a wide array of industries to develop advertising and public relations campaigns that capture audiences and builds better brands.