The Publicus Community Hosts Town Hall with Wayne Maiorano

On December 12, 2013, The Publicus Community welcomed Wayne Maiorano to the Raleigh small business community. Newly elected council member for District A, Mr. Maiorano is also a partner at Smith Anderson in downtown Raleigh. The event was held at one of downtown Raleigh’s newest venues, The Station.

Although many topics surfaced, two dominated the conversation: transit and signage. And these topics were addressed in passionate, lively discussions.

Mr. Maiorano responded to small business owners asking about transit in Raleigh—especially the need for more options. Many felt that because of schedule timing that the CAT system wasn’t a viable option for transportation. Mr. Maiorano expressed the same sentiment for his family.

Mr. Clyde Holt asked about the Councilor’s view on signage in Raleigh. Concerns were expressed about small businesses needing signs to drive business. Mr. Maiorano stated that he supported businesses keeping signage that met the City’s requirement when the signs were first installed.

The gathering wrapped up with small business leaders networking and continuing conversations with the councilor.