We help you win.

Our passion for the political process, technology focus, and understanding of human behavior give us a competitive edge. From political campaigns to social causes, The Publicus Community is experienced in grassroots politics, public policy, campaigns and movements on local, state and national scales.

Our agency work has a single purpose: to help you win.

The political and advocacy division of The Publicus Community is comprised of people passionate about the political process. Our lives are invested in making a difference. We remain on the cutting edge of technology and user persuasion.

In addition to working directly with candidates, we also partner with campaign managers helping them operate more efficiently. We understand your need to raise money, and so we keep this in mind with all our efforts. Whether it’s work in social media, email marketing, online ads, events, or traditional marketing, we save you time, help you build the donor base, and enlist new volunteers. In the end, our work helps our clients succeed.

How can we help you? This expertise listing helps us start that conversation. So, feel free to ask for a meeting. We’re here to help you.

A comprehensive advertising community of developers, designers, PR practitioners and marketers working together to help you win. That’s The Publicus Community.

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