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Authentic Connection: The Publicus Community Connects City Council Member with Small Business Leaders.


The Publicus Community hosted a gathering of up to 50 small business leaders. This group came to talk directly with one of their City of Raleigh City Council At-Large Members: Russ Stephenson.

The Publicus Community hosted the event at The Architect in downtown Raleigh. The venue created a warm and comfortable environment. It was as comfortable and intimate as being at a small home meeting. The Publicus Community handled every detail of the event: venue selection, invitations, registration, logistics and production.

Mr. Stephenson began by sharing his thoughts on where the City is and where he’d like to take this community. The evening concluded with a Q&A. Passionate discussions began around education and broadband speed. Although the City Council doesn’t directly impact the Wake County School Board, the citizens encouraged the Councilor to use his influence to help continue the path of more civil discourse within the Board and with County Commissioners. Wake School Board member, Christine Kushner, was in attendance and spoke directly to issues that surfaced.

Most business leaders articulated that they appreciated the opportunity to get to know their Council member in an informal setting. Mr. Stephenson also appreciated the ability to hear directly from voters.

But perhaps one of the strongest action items that came from the meeting was a connection made that could possibly bring some stability to the Raleigh Technology and Business Center. The Center has been under scrutiny for financial issues. Mr. Stephenson was able to connect with someone that has a broad experience in this field.